Which Is Better, Democratic or Autocratic Management?

There has been a lot of discussions regarding democratic versus participative management dilemma during the last couple of decades to say the least! The current generation of managers and to a large extent the previous one too is proud to have abandoned the autocratic management styles of the older ones. They boast that, in this […]

One Day at a Time… as Opposed to Planning!

All plans will eventually fail… No matter how carefully one plans, no matter how detailed his or her plans are, no matter the quantity and the quality of the information that he or she has used in order to build them, his or her plans will eventually fail. And they will fail because there is […]

Doing business after Covid-19

From the Middle Ages when the first forms of business were identified and in 1836 when the first Societe Anonyme in Greece was founded (it was a maritime insurance company), entrepreneurship is constantly changing. Following the requirements of each era, the demand for products and services and of course the legislation, companies changed orientation and […]

How to Turn Companies around?

The world has become more competitive that it had ever been before. And this is a trend that is constantly accelerating. The rate of change is just so fast that companies may easily become disintegrated from their environment, lose competitiveness, decline and eventually die. Corporate leaders are more and more often called upon to save […]