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Structured Solutions


Providing insight-driven solutions to HNWI & UHNWI, with respect to their wealth management and inheritance planning.


Providing structural solutions to mature and growing organizations with respect to their transformation, transition and funding problems.


Providing business knowhow but also mentoring, coaching and some funding to ensure their positioning, strength and growth.

  1. We help startups to fund and finance their first steps while we offer them also business knowhow, coaching and mentoring. All for a participation of up to 20% of the equity capital. We also start our own businesses, mainly disrupting existing industries or markets.
  2. We help enterprises to monitor their financial decisions and especially those which affect the company’s strategy. We offer services as consultants in all issues of finance affecting the strategy of the company such as financing & project financing, deleveraging, NPLs, M&A, IPOs etc.
  3. We help HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals) & UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individual) to plan and structure their estate following the model of four pillars. Namely: Wealth management plans, Legal & auditing advice, mediation and finally management through our multifamily office.

Being one among the few companies to having the opportunity to move between finance, technology and HNW family needs, we are currently the only boutique consulting practice which helps companies finance soundly, enhance growth and establish internationally, while we help families inherit their wealth and secure its existence.


Continuous evolvement differentiates us from competitors.


We have a responsibility to help protect our planet.

Social Impact

We pursuit ventures that help address social challenges.