Our Company

What we do

Koubaras Ltd is a consulting value boutique, focusing on the right solutions and their immediate implementation. We provide experience in solving issues, operational modeling and strategic advice.

We don’t specialize on a specific sector and our expertise in Finance and Technology combined with our strategy and business modelling capabilities, is unique in our area.

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With more than
300 years of combined experience...

We are a team of 20 experienced corporate managers, strategists, financiers, lawyers, mediators and wealth managers. We believe in training the young and doing the business based on knowledge, experience, learning and understanding. Our average age is 45 years and have all served in senior positions internationally, in our previous careers.

How we work

We are focused on creating the right habits within our clients’ company.

We try to change keynote processes that ignite evolving habbits.

Our team members focus on identifying services suitable for our client’s needs and expectations.

Solution Delivery Process


Initial diagnosis

We work closely with business owners, boards of directors and/or top-level executives to identify where the potential issues of their organizations lie.


Solution development

Based on the result of the diagnosis, we work with the client intensively to develop a comprehensive solution strategy devised through a process based on facilitated group discussions.


Solution implementation

After our solution strategy is endorsed by the people of the organization, we begin the process of implementation assisting our clients throughout.