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The Day After!

The Day After! Our free webinar that took place on March 28th via Facebook Live. Five CEOs and company owners, who are active in different areas of the economy, discuss with the journalist Vangelis Dourakis about the next day of the Greek Economy. Topics that were analyzed: optimistic messages and immediate actions, concerns and reactions,...
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Fear and Faith

Humans are the only beings that live in the past, in the present and in the future simultaneously. They live in the past with memories. Memories to a large extend define not only the way they think but also the way they feel and ultimately the way they behave and act. This can go quite...
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What Is an Unhealthy Organization and what to Do about it?

Every organization exists for a reason, which always has to be about serving something else. The very existence of any organization depends on that, since it is a well-defined reason that gives rise to a strong purpose. And it is exactly this purpose that drives the organization forward, thus allowing it to grow and prosper....
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Crises and Value Calls

There have to be rules, for no game is worth playing without rules. And that applies always and everywhere. After all, even the universe obeys certain rules. Rules are important for individuals, for families, for organizations and for societies as a whole and this is due to the fact that rules define how and at...
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Maximum disturbance by the Coronavirus (New Mega Disruption)

The biggest problem in modern economies and the businesses that operate within them is none other than change.At a time when technology is booming, where data is changing rapidly and discoveries are almost daily, it is impossible to imagine, let alone demand, that things will remain the same. In any case, we are living in a...
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Business adaptability

“If our reactions are not rapid and mainly effective, our path to obsolescence will be rapid” The rapid pace of change in the business landscape over the last few years means that, if our reactions are not rapid and, in the main, effective, our path to obsolescence will be so rapid that any delayed action...
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Greek companies and the hunt for lost time.

“Telecommunications and technology, which have evolved in our country in recent years, are the avenues of today and tomorrow. If you have no roads, you can’t go anywhere.” The Association of Business Executives (HSBC) recently invited me to talk about Blockchain and its business applications, in a wonderful meeting where many interesting and interesting issues...
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Nakamotos Den

Don’t miss: #blockchain #investments #cryptos
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Value investing at a “new era”

At its roots, value investing is based upon the premise that it is possible to consistently find assets that can be purchased at a discount to their true worth. The notion of value investing is made possible due to reliable valuation benchmarks that can be used to determine the true worth of any security, and the...
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