For several years we have used the word “scienticity” in our book notes to describe the science-y quality of a book, whether it exhibits a viewpoint that includes science as a part of its perspective. By extension we’ve come to use “scienticity” to mean how much one has integrated an analytical and rational outlook into one’s world-view.


Scienticity means stopping to read theory, understanding its connotations, and noticing their implication in real life too, too.


Scienticity takes data as they presents themselves. It’s an attitude that believes data can be understood in science and psychological terms, and that understanding behaviors of human beings is a worthwhile activity.


Scientific ideas in the public discourse often appear surrounded by confusion or misunderstanding. There can be many reasons for this:

  • ideas may be unfamiliar to the public and new ideas take time to understand;
  • ideas may be inaccurately transmitted or explained by well-meaning people with inadequate, incomplete, or inaccurate understanding; and
  • ideas and scientific facts may be maliciously manipulated by some who wish to create confusion to advance their own agendas.

At KOUBARAS we do our best to study and explain science as accurately and precisely as we can.

Our Projects

Scienticity is the idea that unifies all of KOUBARAS LTD projects in several different areas of management, finance and estate planning. These projects embody our efforts towards our vision of increasing understanding of scientific concepts and make them useful in everyday business.