Silvestros Genitsaris


Senior Advisor


Highly experienced entrepreneurship consultant with almost three decades of experience in B2B. Strong orientation towards conceptualizing, analyzing and development of new entrepreneurial ideas and the consolidation of successful partnerships.

Applying knowledge and experiences with the aim to identify the needs of shareholders and top level executives so that to crystalize strategic targets and implement the relevant actions for achieving them.

He holds a degree in Agriculture, Organization – Business Administration and Marketing.


01/08 – Present
TREEM SA Shareholder – General manager
01/08 – Present
GRAFOTYPIKI SA, Shareholder – General manager tworks Manager · Koubaras Ltd
01/08 – Present
Streedls Consulting services, founder
01/01 – 12/08
GRAFOTYPIKI ΑΕ, Shareholder – Commercial manager
01/96 – 12/00
GRAFOTYPIKI ΑΕ, Shareholder – New Business Development Manager
01/93 – 12/95
CHARTOSIN ΑΕ, Shareholder – Commercial manager
07/91 – 12/92
ΖΑΚΟΠΑ ΑΕ Sindos Thessaloniki, Shareholder – Commercial manager
02/91 – 07/91
LAZARIDIS AGRICULTURAL SHOP Aridaia Pella, scientific associate