Georgia Ventouratou

Georgia Ventouratou

Business Analyst


Part-Time Employee at Koubaras Ltd., as an Analyst. Her main work tasks include data analysis, report generation and presentations for clients.

Also a final year student at Athens University of Economics and Business in International and European Economic Studies. Currently, she is writing her thesis in relation to “The impact of culture on economic policy making”. In the course of her degree, one of her main interests was to research and create presentations for her courses. For example a data analysis and presentation regarding the global course of action during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Throughout her school years she has taken place in programs about leadership and technology, in order to improve these skills as much as possible and is continuing to do so today. She has also participated in the Generation Euro Student Award, a competition in relation to the role, course of action as well as the impact of the European Central Bank.

She is bilingual in Greek and English and a holder of both Greek and British nationalities.


Koubaras Ltd. – Business Analyst
Athens University of Economics and Business – Department of International and European Economic Studies
Graduation from Pierce School, The American college of Greece