Dimitris Papasotiriou

Dimitris Papasotiriou

Senior Advisor


Dimitris has over of 30 years of leadership experience in business development with high expertise and deep knowledge of business running (Public and Private sector) and demonstrated successful history of working in various sectors of economy, trusty and honest with excellent communication skills.

C-suite experience: as a managing director or deputy president:

  • 230 workers (in 3PL, transportation & courier sector)
  • 550 workers (in industry sector),
  • 650 workers (in technical & logistics sector),
  • 500 workers (in health sector),

Consulting experience: more than 300+ projects (EMEA), in business strategy, supply chain, infrastructures layout design, business / marketing / sales / action plan, inventory management etc

Training experience: certified trainer, more than 50 training courses has already developed and delivered, 7500 students participators


Post-Graduate / Master’s Degrees: 1) in Systemic Analysis CSAP 2) in Logistics Science (Supply Chain), Piraeus Un.  & NTUA GR 3) in Crisis Management, Aberdeen Un. UK, SCIS & IMS GR 4) in Strategic & Diplomatic Management CEDS FR

Graduate Degree: 1) Diploma in Business Admin. Piraeus Un. GR, 2) Logistics Branch of Military Academy

Others: Professor and Scientific Advisor of Diploma in Logistics Management, in Hellenic Management Association,

For. Scientific trainer coordinator TEPAK CY, UOA GR, Certified ELA/ESLog – Senior Level