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Koubaras Ltd is a consulting value boutique, focused on the right solutions and their immediate implementation. We provide experience in solving issues, operational modeling, and strategic advice in several areas but our expertise in Finance and Technology combined with our strategy and business modelling capabilities, is unique.


Our main strategic choices are:

  1. We focus on client needs; we don’t sell massively produced services we customize individual solutions. Our clients select us, but we do select them as well. We must be sure that we can offer great value added to take on a client’s project. If we do so, the success is guaranteed.

  2. We engage in every project senior ex – D & C level line managers and blend them with the appropriate team of younger scientists to keep costs edible. As real challenges arise continuously, the very identification of the issue an organization faces quickly is an attitude which is at the same time winning and against the implicit notion that bumping on a problem every single day is a natural thing to happen.

  3. We remain agile at Koubaras, Client and Service level. The environment is not simply changing, it is seriously rebasing. We focus to creating the right habits within our clients but also our company. We try to change keynote processes that ignite evolving habits, and our team members focus on identifying services suitable for our client’s needs and expectations every time.
Koubaras is Alternative Market Listing Consultant at

For more information about Alternative Market you can visit their website at https://athexgroup.gr/web/guest/listing-alternative-market.


Koubaras Ltd is a proud supporter of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

For more information about TCFD you can visit their website at https://www.fsb-tcfd.org/.