Lazaros Rizopoulos

Lazaros K. Rizopoulos

Scientific Associate


Lazaros holds a Ph.D. in Behavioral Economics.
Graduated with honors and excellence in 2001 from the Hellenic Military Academy as the head of his class, he served for 15 years as an active Attack Helicopter Instructor Pilot, with more than 2000 flight hours.
In 2012, graduated with honors and excellence from the Department of International and European Relations, towards Political Science and Diplomacy major stream and in 2014, concluded with merits his postgraduate studies in Sustainable Development strategies.
He is also a graduate and associate of the Institute of Continuing Education, a certified Project Manager (PM², PMP-PMI) and member of the Doctoral School Working Group of the European Security and Defence College.
He has served as a Head of Department in the Military Office of the Hellenic Republic’s President and he is actively engaged with the University of Peloponnese as a Behavioral Economics researcher and recently as a Visiting Professor.
Actively acquired extensive experience in education and counseling issues as well as cooperates with numerous organizations and corporations, focusing on Behavioral Change and Insights, Project Management, Strategic Intelligence and Sustainable Development strategies.
Focusing on Nudge Theory, actively collaborates with the public and private sector by supporting research and trials, but also effectively demonstrating competitive advantages through innovative tools and to maximize the cost-efficient allocation of their resources.